Youthful Recollection: Orgies

Question: Master, could you tell us about the bacchanalian feasts and orgies of the third Dantesque circle or submerged regions of Venus?

Answer: Ladies and gentlemen, this question brings into my memory the times of my youth, so, listen to me.

In my youth, I (as a fallen bodhisattva) also participated in great feasts where nights of sprees that shone amidst the pandemonium of orgies only left bitterness and remorse within my conscience.

Thus, one night, after one of those parties, I - dressed in my astral body and absolutely conscious - was taken into the third Dantesque circle; there, I sat at the head of a fatal table with a party of demons.

This was the crude reality of a terrifying materialism, whose mere remembrance shivers the innermost parts of my soul.

The table of the feast was covered of bottles of liquor and filthy food, very especially for gluttons; in the center of the table was a great tray, upon which the head of a pig stood out.

Horrified by the macabre horrifying feast, I was looking with pain at the place of the orgy, when unexpectedly, everything changed; my divine Real Being, my Innermost - that Angel of the Apocalypse of St. John, who has the key of the bottomless pit in his hands - forcefully as if by magic laid hold of me by one of my arms, and snatched me out of that room. He then threw me upon a white mortuary sheet on that muddy, loathsome floor; there, he flogged me with a great chain while saying: “You are my Bodhisattva, my human soul, and I need you in order to deliver the message of the New Age of Aquarius to humanity; are you going to serve me or not?”

Then I, with a lot of remorse in my heart, answered: “Yes, my Lord, I will serve you, I repent, forgive me.”

Thus, my friends, this is how I came to abhor all that filth that is liquors, feasts, gluttony, drunkenness, etc., since the only thing that comes out of all that filth are tears, which are symbolized by the rain. Those pestilent waters of bitterness and horrible mud of misery shone within that horrible region.

Excerpted from Hell, the Devil, and Karma (1973-1974) by Samael Aun Weor.

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